Trust in the Natural World

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Reclaiming ownership over ourselves and our place in the world is an exciting journey and a liberating path. Science is about understanding the natural world in which we live. Chiropractic is about affirming our trust in the natural world. We can trust Nature insofar as we can learn to comprehend the meaning and purpose of its manifestations. There is beauty and purpose in each manifestation, though it is invisible to us when we operate from a strictly mechanistic paradigm. Reducing Nature to a randomly generated, material, or chemical machine can be more blinding than we like to admit.

Innate Intelligence

Chiropractic philosophy really expresses an ancient wisdom that respects Nature as more than a machine. Nature is the divine Mother of life, always in support of her living offspring. Nature is in constant communication with life through an innate intelligence that understands each body and soul, capable of supporting the whole of us with a timeless presence and love.

To get a direct feel for this, just imagine the warm, guiding, protective spirit of a mother or grandmother as she bestows the tenderness, love, and encouragement that causes a child to glow. A mother’s innate, loving wisdom is a power of its own, and it extends far and wide even when the child is away. It is a supra-luminous, etheric presence that every child needs to grow and mature.

Wisdom of Mother Earth

Mother Nature understands us in this way. She holds for us a luminosity and strength we all desire, though we’ve been misled to seek it in external authorities and idols. It is no wonder why society today is suffering. The wisdom of Mother Earth, the power within our body— known best throughout the ages by the tribeswomen’s unspoken language of maternal bonding—has largely been forgotten by our culture. But it certainly has not been lost.

I am so grateful to say that there is a wonderful trend in chiropractic where women and mothers are becoming the largest force in the profession today. The reason why this is happening is beautiful and exciting. They are rallying to reawaken this natural light, and they go to make sure it is found and expressed in more families today.

Level of Trust

Many who enjoy life within the chiropractic philosophy of health have become largely immune to the loud, outspoken fears that have darkened the collective mind of late. This shows me that chiropractic brings to the mind an illuminating belief and trust in oneself. This level of trust goes against thousands of years of cultural conditioning. It goes against the idea that we are broken and in need of saving, or that the body works in opposition to our health, that nature is wrong or evil, or that it is somehow above our innate grasp to become wise, informed human beings by way of our own education.

To reach our true potential as living beings, we must first learn that it is necessary to trust our bodies. Only then can we hope to trust ourselves in the larger entelechy of life on earth—so that we may come to believe that we are good enough, that what we do is right, that our imagination is bright enough to manifest our dreams, confident that our children will know how to manifest theirs in time. Trusting ourselves means knowing that we are meant to be here on the earth, and that our story, with all its ups and downs, is the best one for us to have.

Exciting Journey

Reclaiming ownership over ourselves and our place in the world is an exciting journey and a liberating path. Though, it takes courage to stay the course amid our present culture. So above all, we hope to rally mutual encouragement as more families take the step onto their path. We hope to offer the scientific, educational, and healthcare premises that support our footing on this journey. And having stood on these premises throughout my lifetime, I’d like to offer what I have come to know as a result:

That you are exactly perfect, in body and mind, for the unique life you have been given. And the challenges you face today would not have been laid before you, were you not the one ready to meet them.

When we choose to meet them together with courage, we call into greater expression Nature’s loving intelligence. And then, all that was thought to be above and beyond us, becomes possible from within.

With great love for who you are and what you do.


Reprinted with permission from John Ohm, article author and executive editor of Pathways to Family Wellness.

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