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  • Still Motivated, Still Curious

    Some people consider themselves lucky to live to 74. Stanley Sacks has been practicing law for that long. And at 100 years old, he is still practicing, still motivated, and still curious about his profession and about life. Record Setting According to the Virginia State Bar, which began keeping records in 1938, Stanley is the … Still Motivated, Still Curious Read More » The post Still Motivated, Still Curious appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • A Story to Tell

    Centenarian Steve Gatensbury has written and self-published 36 books since his retirement in 1989. They range from historical to poetry. Clearly, Steve is a man with a story to tell. Some might say that Steve is a man of many passions. Perhaps that passion comes from his father who owned a successful millwork business and … A Story to Tell Read More » The post A Story to Tell appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Responsible for Something Good

    “I’m glad I’m responsible for something good.” That was Adele Samuelson’s response when asked about her sense of humor that has been passed down through the generations. In fact, several generations. Adele is a great-great-grandmother, and she’s 108. Ask anyone who knows her and they will tell you that Adele is responsible for many good … Responsible for Something Good Read More » The post Responsible for Something Good appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • How Do You Define Independent?

    February is National Senior Independence Month. The people who created this month did so to “allow senior citizens and community members to share resources that help the elderly live independent and full lives.” A lot of that wording is subjective. How do you define independent? One Thing in Common The 100 Year Stories category on … How Do You Define Independent? Read More » The post How Do You Define Independent? appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • One Passionate Player

    The game of bowls or lawn bowling in England can be traced back to the 12th century. Today it’s even more popular among young and old alike. In fact, for Patricia (Trish) Campbell, it’s the driving force of her life and has been for more than five decades since she first took up the sport … One Passionate Player Read More » The post One Passionate Player appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.