Renee Shumaker
Satisfied Patient
Dawn is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is able to both help pinpoint problem areas, as well as focus on overall healing. She makes you feel welcome from the very beginning and educates you to explain exactly what she recommends and why. I am so extremely pleased that I choose to go to New Dawn here in Asheville, rather than the hundreds of choices I have in Charlotte, where I live!
Jaime Hamilton
Satisfied Patient

I am so thankful that my daughter is in such good hands. I appreciate the level of knowledge and caring and the important information provided. Thank you!!!

Sonja Martin
Satisfied Patient

Dr.Dawn is knowledgeable , friendly and efficient. She has helped me and my family with our Chiropractic needs.

Maria Baker
Satisfied Patient

My family has been going to Dr. Reynolds for over a year, and we have been wonderfully satisfied with the service she provides. She has taught us much about the connection between specific physical symptoms and the spine. Dr. Reynolds checks in before ending each visit to ensure she has addressed any physical issues we have. If any problem persists, she works with us during that visit until it is taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Reynolds to anyone that is seeking an effective, approachable chiropractor.

Angie S
Satisfied Patient

I came to visit this place after purchasing a DealChicken deal for 3 uses of the heated massage bed (Migun bed.) I gifted one to my husband and we went together. After putting him on the table, Dr Dawn said she’d return to check on him in a few minutes but never did. After 20 minutes my husband came out of the room, not happy. He had been uncomfortable on the table and kept waiting for her to return, but she didn’t. After he told her this, she did not have a pleasant attitude and never attempted to apologize. It was my turn and as I debated on whether to follow her or not, she told me she’s not had anyone else complain before. I said that she should’ve went back to check on him, and again, she had a very “I don’t care” type attitude that made me very uncomfortable. I chose not to stay to use my certificate and I told her I didn’t like her attitude. Again, she never tried to make amends. Just told us to have a beautiful day and walked away. I was so disappointed. I had been looking forward to using this deal. My husband and I were potential clients and there is no way we will ever return there. She showed no appreciation or concern for us as customers. I won’t even return to use the rest of my bed treatments. I recommend you think twice before going here.