Inherently Good

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Inherently Good

The imagination is a powerful force of life. Great men and women of the past have always held their wonderful, human imagination to be the source of their achievements and accomplishments. From great works of art, literature, sculpture, and architecture all the way to the success of civilization— all is born out of the imagination.

An awesome truth to be awakened by the power of imagination is that it can merge us with Nature’s universal intelligence. So, by the wise and loving use of imagination, we can align ourselves to that mighty power that dwells within us in the body, the forests and lands, the stars, and the very air we breathe and the water we drink. All of Nature moves in concert with the active use of imagination. And when this happens—when Nature moves in union with our imaginative spirit—something marvelous occurs. We discover without any shadow of a doubt what every demagogue discourages us from ever knowing— that we are good beyond measure, inherently good. Beautiful and free.

“If you can imagine what you please, and if the forms of your thought are as vivid as the forms of nature, you are, by virtue of the power of your imagination, ‘Master of your fate.’” –NEVILLE GODDARD

No Evil

The wise of all ages tell us that there is no evil in Nature. Nor is Nature faulty, malignant, pathogenic, or defective. The higher calling today is to expand beyond these fears. We can do this by practicing health and well-being from the major premise: Life expresses intelligence. And may I tell you, life truly does express intelligence! New discoveries are even affirming this premise in the natural cause of illness. (German New Medicine is especially important for this new understanding.)

Nature endowed us with a divine ability to unfurl the fruits of life by participating cooperatively in her grand design—a design which some would say is but a grand dream. It is in the mystery of imagination that I believe we will discover our greatest potential to enter into a dance with the dream of life and effect positive change. We can use the gift of imagination wisely. And I believe the greatest act of defiance today is to do just that, which means imagining the best, consciously, and with confidence and love.

Power to Change

It takes courage to imagine with intent, because we know in our hearts that this simple act has the power to truly change us. And even positive change can feel daunting. The most important virtue today is courage. It keeps us from falling into the habit of imagining the worst, which is all too easy nowadays. But, I say, it is easier to imagine the best…if we can only relax ourselves enough to do it.

The 18th century poet William Blake, a master of the wise use of imagination, once said, “To the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” I believe these words hold a clue to reawaken our courage and imaginative spirit. Aligned to our roots in Nature’s wonderful design, we will find the wisdom to manifest our best path, and to live our lives as masters of our fate.


Reprinted with permission from John Ohm, article author and executive editor of Pathways to Family Wellness.

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