Defying Expectations

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Daphne Mingard earned the nickname Tuppence or Tups at a young age. To the British, a tuppence is two pennies. Someone who is always giving their “two cents worth” – their opinions or thoughts without caring what others think – is called Tuppence. Despite always being the smallest and youngest one in the group, that’s what Daphne did. From the start she was defying expectations.  

Tups recently celebrated 100 years of a life well lived. It has been a life filled with love, adventure, and purpose. 

Flying High

Born to missionary parents, her father died when she was 12. She then went to a girl’s boarding school followed by nursing college. 

During a time when women weren’t able to attend university and telephones weren’t common, Tups learned to fly crop-duster planes and became the first female pilot in South Africa in her early twenties. 

After meeting and marrying Eric Mingard, a game ranger, Tups raised their four children in parks in Zimbabwe before returning to a more urban setting in South Africa.

Setting Records

In her late 50’s, she enrolled as a full-time accounting student at Rhodes University, making her the oldest female student on record at that time. 

When asked about her adventurous spirit and the secret to her long and happy life, Tups replied, “Nothing special. I just got on with it.”

Curious about Tups daily routine. It’s one with “no space for complaint, over-indulgence, waste, or boredom.” You’ll want to keep reading

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