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At New Dawn Chiropractic & Wellness we are using Biomeridian scans as part of patient assessment. For your individual scan and assessment, please contact our office for an appointment.

What is BioMeridian?

The BioMeridian is a technically advanced device that assesses whole body wellness using clinically researched, tested and verified acupuncture meridian points. These points function at a specific frequency when they are optimal, so deviations can be measured and evaluated. We test 56 different points on your body that relate to specific organs and systems. It is safe, non-invasive and painless. It can be used on patients of all ages and does not require any special preparation. The test points are on the hands and feet, and as a result the procedure is very comfortable.

A wellness assessment takes only 30 minutes and produces a color-coded report that can be used to track progress from visit to visit.

Why get a BioMeridian Test?

Considering cost, time, and safety to the body, there is no other test as comprehensive in gauging an individual’s wellness. It is a miraculous tool for saving, restoring and enhancing your health.
The BioMeridian has FDA and CE approval.

How it Works

While the patient holds the brass handmass to create an electrical circuit within the body, the BioMeridian technician places a probe on various Acu-Points on the hands and feet. A small current in the range of 10 millionths of an amp is sent through the body. Healthy tissue in the body has a certain rate of conductivity. Stressed tissue has more conductivity and weakened tissue has less conductivity. Upon completion of the test, the technician runs a report, called Bio-Reportorization, which provides the technician and patient with a customized chart that shows the functional health of organ systems.

How BioMeridian works

After the initial test, if a patient is recommended to follow a plan of care, a follow-up test is recommended for 30 or 60 days later.


Q: What is the Biomeridian machine? And, what is MSA testing?
A: The BioMeridian is a FDA-approved, EAV, class 2 medical device, bioelectrical impedance machine. The machine tests 56 meridian points on the hands and feet. State-of-the-art software records the data and compiles a report indicating the energy (or state of health) of organ systems in the body.

Q: Why would I choose to have the test performed on me?
A: The BioMeridian test is a valuable health assessment tool. It provides Dr. Reynolds with further insight into your overall health by reporting the functional health of an organ system(s). An individualized nutritional supplementation plan may be recommended based on the test results.


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